Collection: David Kirkman

David Kirkman is a UK-based artist born in 1985, he was introduced to painting at a young age by his late grandad, who encouraged him to try different mediums and styles. Predominantly self-taught, David creates from the heart. Challenges with his mental health led him to abstract painting, finding that is provided a therapeutic outlet. He now creates work that promotes wellness, positivity, and joy. Working primarily with acrylics, he creates big, bold, colourful and contrasting paintings and mixed media prints. David's work has been published in art magazine and featured in exhibitions and art fairs across the UK. 

Davids pieces are from 'The Love and Honey' collection and are original mixed media giclée prints limited to 30 of each editions. Reflecting mental positivity, support, and resilience combining aspects of his original abstract paintings and a very well-known bear. The characters of Winnie the Pooh have been attributed to representing different mental health conditions, these amazing characters show that everyone deserves love from both themselves and others. Modern, lively and poignant, these pieces bring Pooh's positivity into the 21st century. His paintings are how he escapes so he knows how important looking after YOU is. 

These pieces combine modern digital art and hand-painted details creating a unique limited edition artwork. Each piece has a digitally drawn character overlayed on top of a picture of one of his original abstract paintings. This is then printed onto 280gsm soft cotton paper. Finally, time is taken to carefully add hand-painted details to each print. The finished piece is numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.