Collection: Georgia Morgan

Georgia Morgans artworks are recordings of experiences and places that make her feel most alive. She focuses on the forever-changing elements and calls this ’Elemental Motion. Soft clouds, incoming storms and fizzing waves. She captures immersive sensory moments, cool water swirling over skin, sea spray hitting her face, wind dancing with her hair.

She is based in Braunton, North Devon in an old barn garage. The white-washed studio has views of the estuary and distant dunes. It was originally built as a textile and printing room; for her specialised practice of surface pattern at college, but just days into the space, she was commissioned a Woolacombe beach painting by a family member, and has not looked back since.

Primarily, she uses oil paints, but often incorporates spray paint and hand-made rock pigments too. These liquid layers are poured, splashed and scratched into, to form a flow of marks and tactile textures.