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Kipling's Jungle

Kipling's Jungle

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Two of Sarahs' ancestors used to work for Rudyard Kipling as his gardener and boot boy and thus her family has a strong affinity for Kipling's works, especially 'The Jungle Book' which inspired this painting. There are more animals in this paining than shown in the Disney film, and likewise there is a character missing: King Louis. The orang-utan is not an indigenous species to India, and was never created by Kipling; just a Disney creation. However, there are other creatures including 'Mao the peacock' and 'Tabaqui the jackal' - 17 animals in total, including a frog that represents Mowgli. According to the mind of Kipling, Mowgli means 'Little Frog' in wolf-language. 


Size: 100 x 80 cm

Medium: Oil on canvas

Frame: Optional

Signed: Yes

Shipping: Ships from U.K

Artist: Sarah Miles

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